Florida Daily Fantasy Sports

While sports betting is undergoing intense litigation in the Sunshine State, Florida, daily fantasy sports are alive and well. Floridians can take advantage of plenty of options and bonuses and start drafting their lineups.

Florida Daily Fantasy Sports

Is DFS Legal in Florida?

While DFS is not illegal, it's not legal either.

DFS in Florida has been a complex and evolving issue. As of early 2024, the state finds itself at a crossroads, with DFS operating in a legal gray area and recent legislative efforts aiming to provide clarity.

The Current Legal Landscape

Despite DFS's popularity, Florida has not officially legalized these contests, placing them in a murky legal territory.

Major DFS operators like DraftKings, FanDuel, PrizePicks, and others continue to offer their services to Floridians, albeit under uncertain legal conditions​​.

This uncertainty stems from debates over whether DFS constitutes gambling under state law, a question that has yet to receive a definitive legal ruling. 

Legislative Efforts for Clarity

In a significant move to clarify the legal status of DFS in Florida, Republican Rep. Jason Shoaf introduced HB 679 in December 2023.

This bill proposes a broad legalization of fantasy sports, including both roster-style games and fantasy versus the house contests. The bill outlines specific conditions for these contests, such as establishing prize pools before contests begin and ensuring that outcomes reflect participants' knowledge and skill​​.

What HB 679 entails—

  • Broad legalization. Aims to legalize a wide range of fantasy sports contests.
  • Conditions for DFS contests. Prize pools must be disclosed upfront, and outcomes should be based on participants' skills.
  • Exclusions. Explicitly prohibits contests involving college athletes.
  • Penalties for violation. Introduces a misdemeanor charge and a $1,000 fine for breaches of the law.

Until the bill passes the House and Senate and the Governor signs, the DFS platforms will continue to fly by the seam of their pants in Florida.

Impact and Implications

The passage of HB 679 could significantly impact the DFS landscape in Florida, providing much-needed legal clarity and potentially opening the market to more operators.

This would be beneficial for both the operators and the DFS players as they would have specific rules they must adhere to.

However, it's worth noting that until such legislation is officially enacted, DFS remains in a legal gray area, with both operators and participants navigating an uncertain regulatory environment​​​​.

For now, Floridians continue to enjoy DFS, leveraging the state's vibrant sports culture, which spans professional leagues and college sports. However, the future of DFS in Florida hinges on the outcome of ongoing legislative efforts. As the 2024 legislative session progresses, all eyes will be on HB 679 and its potential to reshape the DFS industry in the Sunshine State.

The Best Daily Fantasy Sports Sites in Florida

As noted, there are already several DFS platforms operating in Florida. It's not illegal, so why not?

In our quest to find the best contests with the largest payouts, we've identified the best DFS sites in Florida.


  • Current DraftKings Bonus for Floridians: $500 Deposit Bonus | + A Free Entry
DraftKings Be the King of the Draft
Pros of DraftKings DFS Cons of DraftKings DFS
Tons of options for placing bets A few folks are iffy about how fair the games are
Quick and exciting gameplay No love for Bitcoin or Ethereum here
Awesome apps for iPhone and Android users Customer service can be a drag, plus withdrawals drag on

In sunny Florida, DraftKings stands out as a premier destination for fantasy sports enthusiasts. After all, they are one of the biggest names in the DFS industry and have been letting players draft lineups since 2012.

Offering a wide array of contests, from NFL to NBA and even golf, DraftKings caters to a diverse crowd looking for excitement and competition.

What sets DraftKings apart is its user-friendly platform and the depth of analytics and resources available to players. That's what ultimately happens when you've been the leader for over a decade.

This combination makes it easy for beginners to dive in and provides seasoned veterans with the tools they need to strategize and win.

DraftKings' blend of variety, accessibility, and expertise makes it a top choice for Floridians looking to test their fantasy sports prowess.


  • Current PrizePicks Bonus for Floridians: 100% Deposit Match | Up to $100
PrizePicks Win Big Win Real Big
Pros of PrizePicks Cons of PrizePicks
Flexible gameplay options Limited availability in some places
Quick and easy cash-outs Some deposit methods come with pesky fees
Super user-friendly platform Not as many sports as other spots

PrizePicks is quickly becoming the fantasy platform of choice in Florida, offering a unique twist on traditional fantasy sports.

Specializing in player prop contests, PrizePicks allows players to win by predicting over/under outcomes for player statistics in a wide range of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and even eSports.

What sets PrizePicks apart is its straightforward gameplay and the ability to mix and match sports in a single entry, providing a thrilling and diverse betting experience. Very few DFS sites allow you to mix and match different sports. It just doesn't work with their models, but with PrizePicks, it does.

Their platform is intuitive, making it accessible for beginners while offering the depth and flexibility seasoned fantasy players crave.

PrizePicks' innovative approach to fantasy sports, combined with its user-friendly interface and broad sports coverage, cements it as a top contender for Floridians looking to test their sports prediction skills in a fun and engaging way.

Underdog Fantasy

  • Current Underdog Fantasy Bonus for Floridians: Special Pick + First Time Deposit Offer | Up to $250 in Bonus Cash
Underdog Fantasy Screenshot
Pros of Underdog Fantasy Cons of Underdog Fantasy
User-friendly app Limited live event tracking
Attractive promotions
Diverse game formats

Underdog Fantasy is making waves in Florida, quickly becoming a go-to for DFS players. While DraftKings and PrizePicks take the top spots for popularity, Underdog Fantasy is close on their heels.

With an innovative approach to fantasy contests, they offer everything from Best Ball leagues to daily and weekly fantasy sports across a multitude of sports, including the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

What elevates Underdog Fantasy above the rest is its commitment to simplifying the fantasy experience while retaining a depth of strategy. Best Ball really capitalizes on the simplicity as it lets DFS players focus on the draft and then let the system manage the team throughout the season. 

Their platform is sleek and user-friendly, appealing to both newcomers and fantasy veterans alike. It's their fresh take on fantasy sports, combined with a seamless interface and exciting contest formats, that positions Underdog Fantasy as a standout choice for Floridians eager to showcase their sports knowledge and drafting skills.


  • Current ParlayPlay Bonus for Floridians: $100 Deposit Match | + $5 on Registration
ParlayPlay Screenshot
Pros of ParlayPlay Cons of ParlayPlay
User-friendly UX/UI Only has a few different types of contests
Excellent bonus offers Limited customer support options
Customers rave about ParlayPlay
Referral bonuses

ParlayPlay is not nearly as popular as some of the other DFS platforms in Florida, but that's not to say they don't deliver a solid product. They're gradually carving out a niche in the Florida fantasy sports scene with its focus on parlay-based contests.

This platform allows players to combine multiple picks into a single entry, amplifying the excitement and potential rewards. 

ParlayPlay stands out in the crowded field by emphasizing simplicity and fun, stripping away the complexity often associated with fantasy sports.

Players can choose from a variety of sports, including the big leagues like the NFL and NBA, to lesser-covered areas like tennis and MMA, making it a versatile platform for all kinds of sports fans.

While those familiar with sports betting may scoff at parlays, we get it, but ParlayPlay adds an interesting dynamic. You can go all-in on the parlay or hedge your bets with an insured option.

ParlayPlay's innovative approach and intuitive interface make it an irresistible option for Floridians who enjoy adding a strategic twist to their sports playing experience.

Florida DFS FAQ

It doesn't matter if you're just getting started playing DFS or you're a veteran with a gorgeous condo on the beach in St. Petersburg, you might have a few questions. That's what we're here for. We've put together a few of the most common questions we've received about Florida daily fantasy sports.

Is DFS legal in Florida?

Yes, DFS is legal in Florida. Players can enjoy DFS competitions across various platforms, thanks to the state's acceptance of these games as skill-based contests.

Can I play on all major DFS sites in Florida?

Mostly, yes. Major DFS sites like DraftKings, FanDuel, Underdog Fantasy, ThriveFantasy, and many more operate in Florida, giving residents access to a wide range of fantasy sports contests. However, availability might vary for smaller platforms.

Are there any age restrictions for playing DFS in Florida?

Yes, you must be at least 18 to participate in Florida's DFS contests. This age requirement ensures that participants are legally adults and capable of entering into binding agreements.

Do I have to pay taxes on my DFS winnings in Florida?

Not to the State of Florida, but yes, on the federal level. Players should report their winnings on their tax returns, adhering to both state and federal tax laws. We always recommend you consult with a CPA to get the most accurate and up-to-date information for Florida.

Can I play DFS for free in Florida?

Absolutely. Many DFS platforms offer free contests in addition to paid ones. These free contests are great for practice, fun, or getting a feel for how DFS works without financial risk.

How do I start playing DFS in Florida?

Getting started is easy. First, choose a DFS platform that operates in Florida, such as any of the others mentioned. Then, create an account and deposit funds, and you're ready to enter contests. While you're at it, take advantage of their bonus since all of them offer something. Each site offers tutorials and guides to help beginners get up to speed quickly. It's a fun way to engage with your favorite sports, offering free and paid contests to suit all experience levels.

What should I look for in a DFS platform?

When choosing a DFS platform, consider the variety of sports and types of contests, welcome bonuses, user interface ease, mobile app availability, and the quality of customer support. On top of that, look into the platform's reputation for fairness and security. We review all of the major DFS platforms, so check those out as well. Bonuses and promotional offers can also add value to your play. It's all about finding a platform that matches your interests and playing style.

Is there a limit to how much I can deposit or bet on DFS sites in Florida?

Generally, no specific state-imposed limits exist, but DFS sites may have their own deposit and betting limits to promote responsible gaming. It's always a good idea to check with the specific platform for their policies.

Big Prizes and Excellent DFS Games in Florida!

With the legislative landscape evolving, the future of DFS in Florida looks bright. At the very least, we're excited about it going forward.

The passage of clear regulations will not only solidify the legal standing of DFS but also foster a more vibrant and competitive market.

So, whether you're aiming for the top of the leaderboard on DraftKings, making strategic player picks on PrizePicks, enjoying the innovative contests on Underdog Fantasy, or exploring the unique parlays at ParlayPlay, the daily fantasy sports industry in Florida is your playground.

Embrace the competition, grab a DFS bonus, enjoy the camaraderie, and may your fantasy teams bring you both excitement and victory.