Daily Fantasy Sports in Texas

Daily fantasy sports have taken the state of Texas by storm, bringing a fresh wave of excitement to sports enthusiasts. This innovative online gaming allows sports fans to build virtual teams of real players from professional sports.
These virtual teams compete based on the statistical performance of those players in actual games. This intriguing blend of strategy, knowledge, and a bit of luck has drawn countless Texans into its thrilling arena, making it a trending topic in the Lone Star State.

Daily Fantasy Sports in Texas

Is DFS Legal in Texas?

Daily fantasy sports are not illegal in Texas, so they're legal. As a proud Texan, that's great news for me and the 30 million other state residents.

Texas law does not explicitly address DFS. However, this has not stopped the nation's most prominent DFS operators from conducting business and accepting players who are 18 or older. This seeming tolerance by lawmakers gives locals the chance to participate in the weekly excitement of DFS.

Interestingly, while DraftKings' Sportsbook is illegal in Texas, its DFS operations are alive and well. This indicates that DFS is treated differently from traditional sports betting in the state. It's a fascinating dynamic that allows Texans to enjoy the thrill of daily fantasy sports while staying within the parameters of the law.

Despite an opinion in 2016 by then-Attorney General Ken Paxton that DFS constitutes illegal gambling, DraftKings, FanDuel, and other DFS sites currently accept players from Texas. This shows a disconnect between the official stance and the actual practice in the state, creating a grey area for DFS. However, it's worth mentioning that the DFS industry has continued to operate without significant legal trouble in the state.

While Texas law does not explicitly legalize DFS, the fact that major DFS operators such as DraftKings and FanDuel are open for business in Texas suggests a level of tolerance by the authorities. At the very least, it shows the confidence of the major players in the industry. If you are 18 or older, you can play DFS while in Texas. But keep in mind the situation may change if the state decides to enforce stricter regulations on DFS in the future. Given that there are already calls for legalizing sports betting, we don't see that happening anytime soon. For now, Texans can continue to enjoy the thrill and challenge of daily fantasy sports.

The Best Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

If you play fantasy sports, you know the thrill of setting your fantasy lineup and watching the games play out. There are many DFS sites out there, but some of them stand out from the rest. Here are the best DFS sites for Texans.

Underdog Fantasy

Underdog Fantasy

One of our favorite platforms for daily fantasy sports contests is Underdog Fantasy. It's a unique, user-friendly site that makes DFS fun and rewarding. We love how it brings the thrill of live drafting to the forefront without worrying about injuries or lineup changes throughout the season.

The best part? It offers a variety of game formats to suit everyone's taste, from Best Ball Mania, the largest tournament in fantasy sports, to Pick'em for those who prefer quick, simple plays. It's a refreshing take on DFS, and we can't get enough.

DraftKings DFS

DraftKings DFS App

Another one of our favorite fantasy sports operators is none other than DraftKings. This platform takes DFS to new heights with its sleek interface and thrilling game variety. We're hooked on the adrenaline rush of building our dream team from scratch every week - it's like being a real-life team manager.

The winning potential on DraftKings is sky-high, and we especially love the added excitement of live contests. In a nutshell, with the big name comes big excitement and fun.

FanDuel DFS

FanDuel DFS

We're big fans of FanDuel when we want to play daily fantasy sports. This platform truly excels in creating an engaging and easy-to-navigate DFS experience. We're smitten with how it allows us to draft a new team daily, offering a fresh challenge each time. Its wide range of contests, from beginner-friendly to high-stakes games, keeps us returning for more.

One of the best parts of FanDuel is the bonuses they give away on sign-up and other promotional offers - these are always nice surprises that make the experience even more rewarding.


Jock MKT Daily Fantasy Sports

Tired of the same ol' daily fantasy sports betting? JockMKT might just be your answer. This innovative platform takes DFS and merges it with a stock market format - and we are all in.

We love how it lets us buy, sell, and trade players' shares in real time during games. It's a game-changer, adding an extra layer of strategy and excitement to the DFS experience. JockMKT has truly redefined DFS for us, making every game feel like a thrilling trading floor.


PrizePicks DFS App

If pick'em contests or prop bets are your thing, we think you'll love PrizePicks. This platform stands out with its simple and straightforward approach to DFS. We can't get enough of their two or more-player format, where we only have to predict if a player will go over or under their projected score.

The simplicity doesn't detract from the thrill, though - each pick feels like a high-stakes decision. PrizePicks has carved a unique niche in our DFS routine, offering a blend of simplicity and excitement that's hard to beat.

Online Sports Betting in Texas

We've closely followed Texas' legal online sports betting landscape for a few years. Unfortunately, our hopes took a hit when the state Senate struck down an effort to legalize Texas sports betting in 2023 - again. This setback means that Texans can’t revisit the discussion until 2025. We find ourselves in a holding pattern, awaiting another push toward legalization.

It's not just DFS. All forms of betting are illegal in Texas. Despite lifting the federal ban on sports betting, Texas remains one of the few states where retail and mobile sports betting are outlawed. Any sportsbook claiming to offer legal mobile sports betting apps within Texas borders is misleading at best.

Despite these obstacles, many Texans remain hopeful. Interestingly, the Texas House made a promising move by voting to advance sports gambling. A measure that could allow Texas voters to approve online sports betting through a statewide ballot was put forward. However, the defeat in the Senate put a pause on this progress. So there are glimmers of hope here and there.

Despite several sports betting bills hitting the House and Senate floors, we think legalized sports betting will debut in the next few years. Until they legalize sports betting, the only betting Texans can participate in is DFS betting.

For now, we'll stick to the legal options, such as DFS contests on platforms like FanDuel, JockMKT, and PrizePicks. These platforms offer us a way to engage with our favorite sports and players in a fun, strategic, and fully legal way.


Still confused? That's perfectly okay. We've put together a list of questions we routinely get about daily fantasy sports in Texas.

Are daily fantasy sports legal in Texas?

DFS isn't illegal, so it's considered legal in Texas. If you're 18 or older, sports fans can legally play daily fantasy sports in Texas.

What are the best DFS sites available to Texans?

The best DFS sites for Texans include Underdog Fantasy, DraftKings, FanDuel, JockMKT, and PrizePicks. These platforms offer a variety of games and formats so that you can find the perfect fit for your style.

Are online sportsbooks legal in Texas?

No, all forms of sports betting are illegal in Texas. Retail and mobile sports betting apps are prohibited within state borders, even if licensed elsewhere. We're hoping that Texas will legalize sports betting soon, but until then, the only legal way to bet on sports in Texas is through DFS sites.

Do DFS sites offer college sports?

Of course! Texas loves its college sports teams (especially when it comes to college football), and you can find DFS games that feature college teams. Underdog Fantasy, DraftKings, FanDuel, JockMKT, and PrizePicks all offer some form of college sports action.

Is DFS the same as online sports betting?

No, they are not the same. Daily fantasy sports is a game of skill where you build a team and compete against others. With sports betting, you wager on the outcome of games or events. Sports betting involves chance, while DFS requires strategy and knowledge.

Can I win real money on daily fantasy sports?

Yes, you can win real money on daily fantasy sports. You can also participate in free leagues or contests if you prefer not to risk your money.

Find a DFS contest in the Lone Star State!

Whether you want to build a lineup with your favorite Dallas Cowboys players or even the San Antonio Spurs, Texas has plenty of options for daily fantasy sports.

Texans have many opportunities for daily fantasy sports, even as the wait for legalized sports betting continues. Platforms like FanDuel, JockMKT, and PrizePicks offer diverse contests and innovative formats, keeping the experience fresh and exciting.

As we continue to navigate the evolving landscape of online betting in Texas, it's crucial to stay informed, follow the laws, and enjoy the thrill of the game. We'll update you on the latest developments as we march toward a legal sports betting market in Texas.