The Comprehensive Guide to In-Game Adjustments for DFS

Matt Brown
By Matt BrownPublished: December 1, 2023
The Comprehensive Guide to In-Game Adjustments for DFS

DFS is a growing industry that's made many people a lot of money. But if you're serious about winning, you need to learn how to make in-game adjustments.

You can't just set your lineup and hope for the best.

You need to be able to react quickly and make changes that will give you the best chance of winning.

So, how do you stay on top of your lineup to cash in? We've got some strategies that work for professional DFS players.

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Stay On Top of your In-Game Adjustments

For those who want to be successful in the DFS industry, you need to be able to make real-time adjustments. One way savvy players do this is by staying glued to the action and keeping a close eye on player performance.

These are the same things our experts do when they're making their in-game roster moves and updates.

Monitor your players' performance.

The first thing you need to do is closely monitor how your players are performing. After all, you can't make adjustments if you don't know how they're playing over the past few games.

This means watching the games as they happen, keeping track of stats, and paying attention to any injuries or changes in the lineup.

You want to be proactive rather than reactive in making changes.

For example, if your quarterback is struggling with a passer rating under 100, you might want to consider swapping him out for someone else. Obviously, he's sliding or already in a slump and needs to get his act together. Leaving him in and hoping he pulls it together is a recipe for disaster.

Or if one of your players gets hurt, you'll need to adjust your lineup accordingly.

Keep an eye on the games and be ready to make changes as needed.

Adjust Your Lineup Based on Matchups

Matchups are another important factor to consider when making in-game adjustments.

Remember, the other team gets a vote on how your players perform as well.

If you have a player going up against a tough defense, you might want to bench them and start someone else. Or if you have a player facing a weak defense, you might want to start them over someone else.

Typically, these gems are a bit harder to find, but following other teams and how they have been performing lately will help you find the matchup wins.

This is especially important in sports like basketball, where players can have drastically different performances depending on who they are playing against.

Be Ready to Pivot

One of the keys to being successful in DFS is being able to pivot quickly.

Although this seems counterintuitive to the whole "set it and forget it" mentality, sometimes you need to make a drastic change in your lineup.

This means being able to switch gears when things aren't going your way.

For example, if you started a player who isn't performing well but all of the signs are indicating that he should be excellent (sometimes players have an off game or two), you might want to consider subbing them out for someone else.

Or if you're in a tournament and your lineup isn't doing well, you might want to pivot and focus on a different lineup that has a better chance of success.

Don't be afraid to make changes when things aren't going your way. Star players don't always play like stars. This is also why it's important to have a backup plan or alternate lineup ready.

Pay Attention to the Game Flow

Game flow is another important factor to consider when making in-game adjustments. If a game is turning into a shootout, you might want to start more players from that game.

Or if a game is turning into a defensive battle, you might want to start fewer players from that game.

Of course, this isn't always possible, depending on the type of DFS game you're playing, but it's important to be aware of game flow and how it can affect your lineup.

Keep an eye on the game flow and adjust your lineup accordingly.

This will give you the best chance of success with your DFS lineup.

Stay Up-to-Date with News

Have you ever come across someone who just seems so in tune with the sport? Do they know all of the latest trades, stats, performance ups and downs?

Well, the key to their success is likely staying up-to-date with news.

You need to become that guy.

It's important to stay up-to-date with news and information about the players and teams. We'll cover places to get your news in just a moment.

This means reading DFS news sites (that's us!), following experts on social media, and paying attention to injury reports.

The more information you have, the better prepared you'll be to make in-game adjustments.

Where to Get the Best Stats and DFS News?

That's a lot to stay on top of — we get it. If you're serious about DFS, then you'll need to dedicate time and energy to studying up on the players and teams.

Luckily, there are some great resources out there that make it easier for you.

  • Eat Watch Draft. We don't necessarily post the latest news or injury reports, but our expert analysts post their picks for prop bets and pick 'em games, which can give some tremendous insights into individual players' trends.
  • RotoGrinders DFS Pre-Game Show. This website provides comprehensive DFS analysis and insights through their pre-game show, offering valuable information for making informed fantasy sports decisions.
  • PlayPicks. PlayPicks is a reliable source for DFS news, offering expert picks, lineup advice, and strategy articles from experienced analysts.
  • FantasyLabs. FantasyLabs provides advanced DFS tools, data, and analytics to improve your chances of success. They offer many features, including player models, trends, and customizable filters.
  • numberFire. numberFire combines analytics and sports expertise to provide accurate projections, rankings, and analysis for DFS players. They offer comprehensive statistical models and insights to enhance your decision-making process. They have a premium tier, but the free one is a good place to start.

Subscribe or follow some of those and stay on top of your game. You won't miss a beat, and your DFS lineups will benefit greatly.

Make In-Game Adjustments Like a Boss!

DFS can be a fun and profitable hobby (or if you're looking to become a pro), but you need to be smart about how you approach it.

Closely monitoring your players' performance, adjusting your lineup based on matchups, pivoting when things aren't going your way, paying attention to game flow, and staying up-to-date with news, you'll be well-equipped to make in-game adjustments that will give you the best chance of success.

Having the data and information is just half of the battle. The other is making the changes. Don't play with your heart; instead, play with your head.

Matt Brown

Matt Brown

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