The Titans of Fantasy Baseball: MLB Leaders So Far in 2024

We're one month through the MLB season thus far and we already have batters and pitchers demonstrating they're at the top of their game.

Matt Brown
By Matt BrownPublished: April 30, 2024
The Titans of Fantasy Baseball: MLB Leaders So Far in 2024

As we are through the first full month of the 2024 MLB season, the fantasy baseball market is shaped by remarkable performances from a group of standout players.

And if you have not had these players in your lineup thus far, they might be worth adding in your future contests.

Their stats aren't just impressive—they're chart-topping. We've found the best batters and pitchers that are absolutely dominating the fantasy industry.

Batters Racking Up the Fantasy Points

When it comes to daily fantasy, consistency at the plate is one of the strategies the pros look for. It's tough, however. Any strong batter can have a bad day at the plate and destroy your hopes of dominating your league. These batters, though, have maintained a consistent approach all season.

Mookie Betts

  • FanDuel FP: 527.3
  • DraftKings FP: 402

Mookie Betts has been a model of consistency and power in the batting lineup. We figured he would be his normal self this season, but it's looking more and more like a standout season.

Over the last seven games, his performance has been nothing short of stellar. On April 26 against Toronto, Betts went 3-for-3, racking up a double and driving in a run, boosting his impressive OPS to 1.130.

Despite a hitless night last night, his season averages remain robust at a .377 batting average, .479 on-base percentage, and .639 slugging percentage. 

Mookie just seems to rain fantasy points everywhere he goes.

Elly De La Cruz

  • FanDuel FP: 488.7
  • DraftKings FP: 371

Elly De La Cruz has burst onto the scene with a dynamic presence. It's not only been remarkable to watch but equally as exciting.

Although he had a quieter performance with a .280 average over the last week, his ability to impact games and fantasy lineups remains evident.

Notably, Elly is, demonstrating his game-changing power and speed affecting fantasy lineups across the board. He only has 2 homeruns so far, but he's already racked up 18 stolen bases and there is still 5 months left in the season. Could it be a 100 SB season?

Shohei Ohtani

  • FanDuel FP: 361.5
  • DraftKings FP: 354

Shohei Ohtani continues to dazzle at the plate securing his place as a fantasy baseball favorite. Unfortunately, due to his elbow surgery in the off-season, we won't see him on the mound. That's not slowing him down at the plate.

In his last appearance at-bat on April 29, Ohtani went 2-for-4, maintaining a strong .341 average. His unique ability to contribute offensively makes him an invaluable asset in any fantasy roster.

Sure, you'll pay a hefty salary for Shohei, but it's like buying guaranteed fantasy points.

Pitchers Dominating the Mound

Pitchers are where most DFS owners get their points, but the problem is that they don't start every day. When these pitchers start, however, you're almost surely going to rack up some FP for your lineup.

Tyler Glasnow

  • FanDuel FP: 299
  • DraftKings FP: 172.75

On the pitching front, Tyler Glasnow has shown why he's a top contender this season.

With a recent win on April 27 against Toronto, he pitched six innings, allowing just one run and striking out nine batters.

His ERA stands at an impressive 2.72, with a WHIP of 0.93, showcasing his ability to limit opponent scoring and control the game.

Tyler is leading in Fantasy Points in both FanDuel and DraftKings so it's no wonder he's a no-brainer on draft days.

Ranger Suárez

  • FanDuel FP: 275
  • DraftKings FP: 169.05

Ranger Suárez's performance has been nothing short of a masterclass in pitching efficiency.

On April 27 against San Diego, he pitched eight innings, giving up only one run and striking out eight.

His stellar ERA of 1.32 and WHIP of 0.63 are testaments to his prowess on the mound, making him a top pick for daily fantasy managers looking for reliability and excellence.

Zack Wheeler

  • FanDuel FP: 258
  • DraftKings FP: 147

Zack Wheeler has been a strikeout machine this season.

His standout performance came on April 20 against the White Sox, where he pitched over seven innings, allowed no runs, and struck out eight. You know it's good when an SP averages more than 1 K per inning.

With an ERA of 1.93 and a WHIP of 0.88, Wheeler has consistently demonstrated his ability to dominate opposing hitters.

The Impact on Fantasy Teams

These players not only lead the stats columns but also significantly influence the dynamics of the daily fantasy baseball industry.

Their ability to perform consistently offers fantasy managers a solid foundation, while their explosive games can single-handedly swing weekly matchups.

With the first month behind us, we weren't surprised by some of these names such as Mookie Bets and Tyler Glasnow, but we were surprised to see Shohei Ohtani in the top three although he's recovering from his elbow surgery.

Choosing Your Fantasy Leaders

When drafting or trading in your fantasy league, consider not just the star power but also the consistency and potential for standout performances.

Players like Betts, De La Cruz, and Ohtani not only bring routine excellence but also the potential for those game-defining moments that are so crucial in fantasy sports. The biggest downside to these players at this point in the season is their fantasy salaries have skyrocketed. All three of them are in the top 5 in salaries for both FanDuel and DraftKings, hovering between $4k and $6.6k each.

As we move deeper into the 2024 season, keep an eye on these leaders and other emerging talents. At any point, these hot bats and smoking arms can cool down at a moment's notice, so they're not necessarily a lock-in for the rest of the season.

However, their performances could be the key to your fantasy league success.

Whether you're looking for steady reliability or game-changing plays, these MLB leaders have offered the best of the best when it comes to daily fantasy sports.

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