Top 5 Hottest MLB Pitchers for Your DFS Lineup

There's more to DFS than just drafting players that launch dingers. You need a great starting pitcher and these are the top 5 as we wrap up May.

Matt Brown
By Matt BrownPublished: May 24, 2024
Top 5 Hottest MLB Pitchers for Your DFS Lineup

Having reliable pitchers in your DFS lineup can be the difference between a winning and losing day. So, it goes to say you need some hot arms that you can regularly pick up and rack up the FP.

Here are the top five hottest MLB pitchers that you should take a look at for your DFS lineup right now. These pitchers have been on fire this season, delivering some of the best-in-the-league performances that make them must-haves in any fantasy setup.

Ranger Suárez

  • Team: Philadelphia Phillies
  • Record: 9-0
  • ERA: 1.36 (2nd in MLB)
  • Strikeouts: 68 (Tied-10th in MLB)
  • WHIP: 0.79 (1st in MLB)

Ranger Suárez has been a revelation for the Philadelphia Phillies this season. He’s absolutely unstoppable at this point, and his stats and record show this.

His impeccable record of 9-0 speaks volumes about his consistency and dominance on the mound.

With a league-leading WHIP of 0.79, Suárez is exceptionally good at keeping runners off base, which is crucial for DFS points. His ERA of 1.36 is the second-best in the league, highlighting his ability to suppress runs effectively and showing that the defense behind him is equally as solid as he is.

One of Suárez's standout performances this season was his career-high ten strikeouts in a game against the Texas Rangers. That’s 30 FP alone on FanDuel. Talk about not leaving points on the table!

This kind of strikeout potential, coupled with his stinginess in allowing runs, makes him a DFS gem. His ability to go deep into games while maintaining high strikeout rates ensures that he racks up significant DFS points, making him a top pick for your lineup.

Seth Lugo

  • Team: Kansas City Royals
  • Record: 7-1
  • ERA: 1.79 (5th in MLB)
  • Strikeouts: 58 (Tied-28th in MLB)
  • WHIP: 0.98 (Tied-11th in MLB)

Seth Lugo has been a strong addition to the Kansas City Royals rotation. His record of 7-1 is impressive, and his ERA of 1.79 places him among the top pitchers in the league. Although he doesn't strike out as many batters as some other top pitchers, his WHIP of 0.98 shows that he is very effective at controlling games and limiting baserunners. Where you miss out on the Ks, you make up in other areas he excels at.

A highlight of Lugo's 2024 season so far was his 7-inning shutout against their division rival Detroit Tigers. Performances like this demonstrate his ability to dominate and provide substantial and consistent DFS value.

Given his consistency and control, Lugo is a reliable option for your DFS lineup, especially in favorable matchups.

Zack Wheeler

  • Team: Philadelphia Phillies
  • Record: 5-3
  • ERA: 2.52 (13th in MLB)
  • Strikeouts: 71 (5th in MLB)
  • WHIP: 0.97 (10th in MLB)

Zack Wheeler has been a consistent performer for the Philadelphia Phillies, right there behind Ranger. His ERA of 2.52 is solid, though not the best, and he ranks fifth in the league with 71 strikeouts. At 3 points each, those K’s will add up quickly.

His WHIP of 0.97 is also impressive, placing him among the top ten in the league. Wheeler’s ability to rack up strikeouts while keeping his ERA and WHIP low makes him an invaluable DFS asset, regardless of which platform you play on.

One of Wheeler’s standout performances was his 7-inning, 11-strikeout game against the San Francisco Giants. He got the win, quality start, and strikeouts that pushed every DFS owner who had him over their competition. 

Such games show his potential to deliver high DFS points through strikeouts and innings pitched. His consistency and ability to dominate in key matchups make him a reliable choice for your DFS lineup. Don’t miss out on this SP when putting together your lineup.

Chris Sale

  • Team: Atlanta Braves
  • Record: 7-1
  • ERA: 2.22 (10th in MLB)
  • Strikeouts: 70 (9th in MLB)
  • WHIP: 0.86 (3rd in MLB)

Chris Sale has made a strong comeback this season with the Atlanta Braves. He’s getting a bit old these days, but he still throws like he just crawled up from AAA and trying to make a name for himself.

His 7-1 record, combined with a 2.22 ERA, shows he’s back to his dominant best.

Sale ranks ninth in the league with 70 strikeouts and boasts an impressive WHIP of 0.86, the third-best in MLB. His ability to keep runners off base and strike out batters at a high rate is invaluable in DFS. He’s got the heat and tallies up FP like a pro.

Sale's dominant 7-inning, 9-strikeout game against the Chicago Cubs highlights his ability to overpower hitters. He only allowed two hits that game, which gave him an eye-popping 0.29 WHIP.

His resurgence this season makes him a top-tier option for DFS that we didn’t see coming, providing both strikeouts and excellent ratios that translate into high fantasy points. He might not be the young talent you want, but he’s the experience you need.

Tarik Skubal

  • Team: Detroit Tigers
  • Record: 6-1
  • ERA: 2.25 (11th in MLB)
  • Strikeouts: 72 (Tied-5th in MLB)
  • WHIP: 0.85 (2nd in MLB)

Tarik Skubal is on the opposite end of the experience chart. He has been a welcomed breath of fresh air for the Detroit Tigers this season and absolutely a gem to watch do his magic. With a 6-1 record and an ERA of 2.25, he has established himself as one of the top young pitchers in the league. In fact, many sports writers are already discussing him as a potential Cy Young winner if he can keep it up.

Skubal is tied for fifth in the MLB with 72 strikeouts and has an impressive WHIP of 0.85, the second-best in the league. His ability to limit baserunners and strike out batters makes him a fantastic DFS option. What really drives this home is that the Tigers’ record isn’t anything special this season, so that means he’s doing a lot of this on his own without much run support.

One of Skubal’s most impressive outings was his 6-inning, 1-hit shutout against the Arizona Diamondbacks. He’s young, so obviously, he was pulled to save his arm. We expect him to go deeper into the games as he develops.

Performances like this highlight his potential to deliver massive points due to his ability to dominate on the mound. Skubal's combination of youth, talent, and current form makes him a must-have for your DFS lineup for years to come.

Snag Top-Tier Pitchers and Dominate the Competition

When building your DFS lineup, these five pitchers are some of the best and most consistent due to their remarkable performances this season.

Ranger Suárez’s unbeaten streak and low ERA make him a top pick, while Seth Lugo’s reliability adds value. Zack Wheeler’s consistency and high strikeout rate, Chris Sale’s comeback strength, and Tarik Skubal’s impressive young talent round out the list offering you a mix of experience and potential that could bolster your lineups.

Including these pitchers in your DFS lineup can give you a competitive edge and boost your chances of winning.

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