Best Ballparks for Crushing it in DFS

Want to rack up the dingers in your next DFS lineup? These are the ballparks and players you'll want to consider.

Matt Brown
By Matt BrownPublished: May 14, 2024
Best Ballparks for Crushing it in DFS

When constructing a DFS lineup, the most savvy players know that not all ballparks are created equal. The stadium in which a game is played can greatly affect a player's performance, especially when it comes to standing at the plate.

So, which ballparks are the best for baseball DFS owners? We’ve got insight into a few that tend to give up the fantasy points more than any other stadium.

What Makes a Ballpark Great for Hitters?

Certain ballparks elevate hitting conditions (pun intended), directly influencing fantasy scores. Factors that improve these conditions include shorter outfield dimensions, altitude, weather, and even the direction the park faces.

For the DFS pros, understanding how these elements can change the game is crucial in choosing your lineup.

Altitude Effects

Higher altitudes, like at Coors Field in Denver, mean thinner air and less drag on the ball, which can lead to more homers and extra-base hits. You’ll also see this affect pitchers in the WHIP category. Although there is only a single MLB stadium that stands out from the rest, this is a well-known phenomenon that every DFS player should consider when players are up for games in such conditions.

Park Dimensions

Shorter outfield walls, such as the right-field porch at Yankee Stadium, can significantly boost home run totals for certain hitters. Unlike altitude, there’s a bit more variance when it comes to dimensions, but this architectural quirk is something to look for when taking a look at potential player outcomes.

Weather Conditions

Weather usually has the biggest impact on a player, even more so than altitude and park dimensions. 

Warmer temperatures can make the ball travel farther, while wind direction can turn normal flies into homers or vice versa.

Keeping an eye on the daily weather report can give you an edge in predicting high-scoring games and a high-scoring DFS lineup.

Analyzing Ballparks for DFS Impact

Now this is what you really want to see. Since each park is different, to maximize your DFS success, you should consider the characteristics of each ballpark. Here's a rundown of some top hitter-friendly parks and what makes them a great option for filling up your DFS lineup..

Yankee Stadium, New York Yankees

  • Homerun Factor: 198
  • Player to watch: Aaron Judge

Famed for its short right-field porch, Yankee Stadium is a paradise for left-handed power hitters. The park's overall home run factor is consistently high, making it a top choice for DFS when the Yankees are playing at home or when they host other left-handed sluggers.

Already in full form for the 2024 season, Aaron Judge already has 10 home runs on the season and is looking to do more damage as one of the Bronx Bombers. Although he’s not a lefty, he still crushes it at Yankee Stadium.

Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati Reds

  • Homerun Factor: 176
  • Player to watch: Elly De La Cruz

Affectionately called "Great American Small Park," this venue lives up to its nickname by being exceedingly generous to hitters. Its dimensions of only 328’ in left field and 325’ in right field favor home runs from both righties and lefties, which is a stat to watch out for and for DFS players to exploit, especially in matchups featuring power hitters.

The big player on the Reds to watch out for is Elly De La Cruz. He already has 9 HRs and an OPS of .877 to start off the 2024 MLB season. 

Coors Field, Colorado Rockies

  • Homerun Factor: 95
  • Player to watch: Ryan McMahon

Despite only having a 95 homerun factor, no discussion of hitter-friendly ballparks is complete without mentioning Coors Field. That’s because it rests atop the nation and the list for the highest ballparks at 5,200’. Once upon a time, before the Rockies played at Coors Field, they played at the aptly named Mile High Stadium. The high altitude significantly affects how the ball travels, generally leading to higher-scoring games and, of course, dingers. Any player's value automatically gets a bump when they're playing in Denver, making Rockies' games essential viewing for DFS.

Globe Life Field, Texas Rangers

  • Homerun Factor: 166
  • Player to watch: Adolis García

The Texas Rangers' home field has become increasingly conducive to hitters, particularly in terms of home runs. That’s because, like the Great American Ballpark, its dimensions are trivial, despite its odd shape. In the left field, the corner rests at 329’, and in the right field, batters just need to inch over the 326’ wall. This trend makes it a ballpark to target when looking for players who might exceed their average production, especially those known for their power-hitting.

Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia Phillies

  • Homerun Factor: 125
  • Player to watch: Bryce Harper

Known for boosting home run numbers, especially for right-handed hitters, Citizens Bank Park is another venue that DFS players should keep on their radar. Although slightly larger than Globe Life and Great American ballparks, it still only stands at 334’ and 330’ in left and right field, respectively. Fortunately, players who might typically struggle on the road can often find their groove in Philadelphia. As for the home-field advantage, both Bryce Harper and Kyle Schwarber are heating things up in the 2024 MLB season with 9 moon shots a piece.

The Worst Field to Crush Bombs? Oakland Coliseum, Oakland A’s

  • Homerun Factor: 53

Not only are they one of the worst teams in the MLB (not the worst, that currently goes to the Miami Marlins with a .256 win percentage), but they also have one of the worst stadiums to knock balls out of the park. That’s not to say it’s not a beautiful ballpark, because it is, but it’s to say we wouldn’t draft too many players to our lineups from the A’s. In fact, on Pick’Em games, we’ll probably pick the under most of the time.

Strategic DFS Play Factoring in the Stadiums

As you’re well aware, when playing DFS, the smart strategy involves more than just picking the best players; it's about understanding the environments in which those players will compete. Each of the ballparks mentioned above offers unique advantages that can be exploited for fantasy points. After all, that’s what we’re trying to accomplish here — more FP, more better.

Remember, while the venue plays a significant role in performance outcomes, it's also important to consider matchups, player conditions, and other game-day factors. Balancing all these elements is key to DFS's success.

Incorporating ballpark factors into your DFS strategy can provide a significant edge, though it shouldn’t be the only consideration. Whether it's taking advantage of Coors Field's altitude or exploiting the short porch in Yankee Stadium, knowing these details can help you craft a winning lineup.

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