Top 5 NFL Draft Picks That You'll Want on Your DFS Lineup

Matt Brown
By Matt BrownPublished: April 17, 2024
Top 5 NFL Draft Picks That You'll Want on Your DFS Lineup
There's a good chance that Caleb Williams is the first pick and he should definitely be on your DFS lineup.

Navigating the DFS market requires an eye for talent, especially when integrating rookies into your lineup. As the NFL draft will bring a fresh crop of players into the league in the coming weeks, DFS managers on sites like DraftKings and FanDuel are eager to find out which newcomers could make a significant impact.

Here's a look at the top five NFL draft picks that should be on your radar for the start of the NFL season. We're expecting all of these guys to be starters right out of the gate, so adding them to your lineup on week 1 should be a no-brainer.

Caleb Williams: A Mobile Quarterback with Franchise Potential

  • Most Likely NFL Draft Pick: #1
  • Most Likely Team: Chicago Bears
  • Plays Like: Patrick Mahomes

QBs that are good on their feet don't tend to last too long in the NFL, but they sure bring in some fantasy points.

USC's Caleb Williams, this junior quarterback, emerges as a top contender for any DFS roster.

Caleb is known for his dynamic playing style. He combines precise throwing with the ability to make plays on his feet, making him a dual threat in any matchup. His ability to deliver the ball with both power and finesse and his effectiveness in the run-pass option game make him a great pick for fantasy managers looking for a quarterback who not only throws but also racks up the rushing yards — and sometimes rushing TDs.

While he sometimes takes risks in playmaking (at least he did in his CFB days), his creativity could lead to high-scoring games, making him a valuable asset in various DFS formats.

Marvin Harrison Jr.: The Indisputable No. 1 Receiver

  • Most Likely NFL Draft Pick: #4
  • Most Likely Team: Buffalo Bills
  • Plays Like: Randy Moss

Next up is the 6'4" WR Marvin Harrison Jr. from Ohio State. With his ideal blend of size, speed, and skill, Harrison is poised to become a leading receiver in the NFL.

His ability to break free from press coverage and his impressive catch radius make him a reliable target in the red zone and on critical downs. There's a good reason he's racked up over 1,200 receiving yards in 2022 and 2023 each.

Fantasy players will appreciate his potential for both yardage and touchdowns, especially in PPR (points per reception) leagues.

His slight issue with contact drops is a minor concern but is easily outweighed by his overall potential to score heavily in fantasy formats. Whoever drafts him, and we think it'll be the Bills, will work on this during training camp.

We'll see where he lands in the draft, but we're confident he'll make a name for himself in his debut year.

Rome Odunze: A Refined and Reliable Wideout

  • Most Likely NFL Draft Pick: #6
  • Most Likely Team: New York Giants
  • Plays Like: Larry Fitzgerald

Washington's Rome Odunze brings a polished skill set to the table, which is a good reason he's among the top 10 in everyone's mock 2024 NFL draft.

Known for his exceptional hands and ability to thrive in traffic, Odunze's consistency and versatility allow him to play outside or in the slot, making him a valuable pick for DFS lineups.

His style is comparable to that of the legendary Larry Fitzgerald, which hints at his potential for making spectacular catches and consistent play, which is exactly what fantasy owners look for in a starting wide receiver.

If Rome does go to the Giants, you might want to think about stacking him and Daniel Jones in your DFS lineup because these two would make a killer combo.

Malik Nabers: The Electrifying Playmaker

  • Most Likely NFL Draft Pick: #5
  • Most Likely Team: Los Angeles Chargers
  • Plays Like: Brandon Aiyuk

From LSU, Malik Nabers stands out as a dynamic receiver whose playmaking ability after the catch can turn any game around. When it comes to DFS, those short passes meant to pick up 3-5 yards and get a first down now look to be 20-30 yards and scoring a touchdown.

Known for his competitiveness and ability to escape tackles, Nabers is an excellent pick for DFS players who value explosive play potential.

His knack for making big plays, particularly on slot fades, aligns well with high-scoring DFS strategies. This is a trait that will most likely carry over to the NFL as well. Nabers' style, very similar to that of DJ Moore and Brandon Aiyuk, promises exciting gameplay and fantasy point opportunities.

Drake Maye: The Strong-Armed, Athletic Quarterback

  • Most Likely NFL Draft Pick: #3
  • Most Likely Team: Minnesota Vikings
  • Plays Like: Justin Herbert

Finally, Drake Maye of North Carolina brings a combination of size, arm strength, and mobility that makes him an intriguing prospect for any DFS team.

Despite some areas needing refinement, his ability to make big throws and create plays with his legs makes him a potential high-scorer in fantasy leagues.

As he adjusts to the NFL, his development could translate into becoming a standout player for fantasy rosters, especially in leagues that reward rushing yards by quarterbacks.

Of course, we think Drake will go to the Vikings because they need some serious help in this position. However, keep in mind that he lacks some of the collegiate experience other quarterbacks bring to the table. The kid is hungry, and we think that will make him valuable in your lineup.

The Rookie Impact in DFS

These top five draft picks highlight a blend of talent that could translate into massive DFS points for your lineups.

Whether you're playing on DraftKings, FanDuel, OwnersBox, or another platform, incorporating these players into your lineups could be the key to gaining an edge in your fantasy league.

We always say that the key to fantasy success lies in spotting potential early and taking calculated risks. With special bonuses and promotions often available for new users on these platforms, think about how you will integrate these promising rookies into your DFS strategy while leveraging the bonuses, and watch as they transform your team's dynamics.

We're going to keep an eye on these rookies as they get drafted and work their way through the camps. It's going to make for an excellent NFL season.

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